2 essential tips on how to improve your love life

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2 essential tips on how to improve your love life

TIP no. 1 - do not give advice
We can start with the first tip for improvement: the woman does not give the man advice. If a partner cannot take on the nature and nature of her partner, the problem may arise that she unknowingly hurts and humiliates him, even though she loves him very much. 

Unfortunately, there are many such situations in everyday life. Each of us knows this well. It is important to remember what we mentioned in our early articles on dealing with the relation between a man and a woman that Martians never once offer advice until someone asks for it.

The greatest respect for Mars is indeed the situation where the other can always deal with his problems. The only exception is when they seek out and ask for a helping hand. If a partner decides to advise her partner or tries to help him somehow, even though he has not asked her to, she often does not realize that her partner sees this as unacceptable criticism. Even if a woman has the best intention, a man understands it as hurt and insult.

An exception is not the uncontrollable behavior of a man, which can sometimes lead to anger and rage in the most acute situations, especially because his parents often criticized him during childhood. It is important to note that men are proud of their expertise, especially in cases where it is necessary to repair machines or other mechanisms and find the best way to solve the problem. In these cases, men accept the kind support of their partner and not her advice and, at most, criticism.

TIP no. 2 - learn to listen
If a partner does not understand how his partner differs from him, he can complicate and make things worse with his efforts to help. As partners of their women, men should keep in mind that women talk about problems to get closer. They do not always look for a solution and a satisfactory explanation for every problem that has arisen. In this, women differ significantly from men, as we have indicated several times.

Usually, the partner wants to share her feelings for the whole day, and her partner thinks that if he gives her help and brings her a lot of solutions to her problems or if you have a problem in her love life then try some erection pills like Fildena 100 to get more enjoyable time with your love, she will help her. But she can't understand why she doesn't like it when she tries to help her. 

Guys usually don't know anything about Venus's life. I often don't understand how important it is to listen and not come up with a solution right away. Suggestions for solving problems will make everything worse. Venusians do not offer a solution when someone speaks. They show authority by eagerly listening to each other and trying to understand each other's feelings.

Dear gentlemen, you must understand that listening to her in peace will help your partners. You have to learn the art of listening, nothing more. If you realize this, the results of your conversations with your loved one will be on a different level and with much more favorable results. 

Women will be happy if you learn to listen to what he is saying. You need to know the differences between you and learn to listen without having to give solutions immediately. On the contrary, your partner should master the ability to relax and accept without immediately providing advice along with criticism. At the end of our article, we summarize the two mistakes that appear most in our relationships:

Men try to change a woman's feelings whenever something is bothering her. As "Repairman," he offers a solution to the problems, which completely negates her feelings.

A woman strives to change a man's behavior if she makes any mistakes. He immediately sets up a so-called "Committee" to improve the home environment, criticizes, and gives the man advice he did not ask for.

Begin to understand the facts we have presented today. If you learn to understand these two differences correctly, you will continue to improve your relationship try Fildena 150.


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