The proximity of man and woman

The proximity of man and woman

The traditional saying is that a woman longs for a soul, and a man longs for a body. But this was entirely true before the period now called emancipation, but other disasters also came in the right way. These include scientific research into the female orgasm, the discovery of the G-spot, and the like. Suddenly, even women realized that they could demand more than just stroking their breasts and phallus in their wombs. Suddenly, a battle literally began not only for the female soul but also for her body. However, most men have not yet understood this and insist on their principles that he must be satisfied and that the woman should literally "jerk her leg."

Changing relationships
Marriage and partnership are suddenly based on different foundations than just that the man is the master and breadwinner of the family. We can call it the proximity of bodies and souls. Indeed this is of interest to more women, for whom it is a more honest relationship. But what's worse is that it's usually a one-sided fight, even if, for example, economic conditions have changed completely.

Today, most women are economically independent, and some even make more money than their partners. Some women complain about this and only take a moment of pleasure from men, but most still long for a strong bond. However, it will be based on new rules, without subordination, but equality and proximity.

Change to proximity
Historically, our society is based on distance; politicians are distant from their constituents, factory owners from their employees, parents from children, etc. But even in this shortlist, we feel how nice it would be if it weren't. But we cannot reverse this; it is difficult to change a politician who is going elsewhere than the public wants.

It is difficult to make a manufacturer a philanthropist because everyone is only interested in their profits and property. It is also difficult to change parents who think that they will provide for the family only if they have enough funds, at the expense of time spent with children.

But if we want to change something, everyone should start with themselves. Therefore, change the closest we have, so let's change the relationship with our partner. And we can do that at any time, whether we are expecting children, we have them, or they have already left us.

What is closeness
Whether they perceive it or not, closeness is important to men as well. This is the essence of the partnership. When we change it internally as men, we feel that, on the other hand, there will be a change in intuition, not only with the partner. After all, when people around us see how we behave as partners, we can begin to attract other women internally.

Of course, we do not mean to be unfaithful, but we will also change their desire to experience something similar. We probably didn't say what proximity itself means. In short, it is an understanding of the physical and mental needs of the partner, planning a common future, solving problems together, but also the division of domestic responsibilities, but above all mutual satisfaction in bed.

If we haven't set up such a system yet, but we would like it, it needs a big change, especially for yourself. It is clear that this cannot be changed unilaterally, we've already mentioned that, but try to talk about it together. This first step can change a lot between you because the journey can also be a destination; the search can have more romance than reaching the destination.

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Roads to the vicinity
It is possible to write about the whole book's proximity, but every trip to unknown lands, including the soul, should have a plan, a map. It is actually a triangle with the vertex at the top. At the bottom, on the one hand, is the man, and with him, the typical masculine qualities and desires, such as strength, power, intensity, adrenaline, struggle, desire for victory and love, and at the bottom, on the other, is the woman and her qualities, gentleness, calm, relaxation—lovemaking, closeness and harmony.

To reach a common goal, we should find common ground, strengthen them, and find a compromise in different ones or get rid of them altogether. However, we cannot discuss point by point, but perhaps try to find a combination of strength and tenderness. We need both in life, so they cannot be suppressed, but they should end at the apartment door. After all, there is no need to show our partner that we have the upper hand over it; it doesn't make sense.

The woman should have the strength to show her partner how important tenderness is, and not just in bed. It is necessary to change the way we eat, how we welcome ourselves on arrival, how we say goodbye to our departure, and how we wake up in the morning, which requires a lot of inner strength. For a man, it's simple, the strength will happen to be overcome and, for example, when coming to the wife to go and stroke her neck and hair, give a mouthpiece. This is not femininity; it is an example of a great man and a loving partner.

Men are actually afraid of closeness because when they are close to each other, they seem to lose their dominance internally and feel threatened by it. But do you think that even a woman is not internally apprehensive? She certainly has, but let's admit that this position is closer to her than a man.

She just feels that she is losing some support inequality that she has to deal with something she once didn't have to. Of course, these are the qualities given to us by the millennial development in the Stone Age, but we are no longer mammoth hunters somewhere in a cave but modern people in a panel house or a family villa. Let's break down prejudices, let's not go back to the FL Age times, but let's try to live together close together, as has never been the case in the past.

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