Tips To Get Rid of Spiders

Tips To Get Rid of Spiders

Most of the spider species are harmless. But, many individuals do not like to see spiders in their homes. They don’t even want to cause any harm to them. Whether you want to stop the spiders from leaving their cobwebs or are afraid of them, it will be really helpful to find out how to keep them away from your property. So, here are some of the most effective and simple remedies to remove the spiders from our home by the spider control Melbourne experts:

Peppermint Oil
A few strong scents are known to be great spider repellents. We use some of them as our home fragrances. One of them is peppermint oil. It is a popular remedy. You just need to add 15-20 drops of this essential oil in a spray bottle along with water and then spray it around the home. Some other great options include lavender, rose, and tea tree oil.

Lemon Peel
Another excellent method is to eliminate spiders naturally is by using lemon. Spiders are known to hate citrus and this is an ideal weapon. You can rub the lemon peel over your bookshelves, windowsills, and other hiding places of spiders. It is a simple method to move them out of your house. If you want to move the spiders away from your garage or basement, hen this can be a simple solution.

If the essential oil does not work for you, then you can use vinegar as an alternative. Take a spray bottle and fill it half with water and half with white vinegar, and spray the solution in crevices, cracks, and corners to get rid of the spiders. Ensure to avoid any varnished surfaces since vinegar can be harsh on their looks.

Red Night Lights
Spiders like to live in darkness. They cannot handle light. A dark red light will be a great option. It helps keep the spiders away and removes the room’s darkness, thus making the room uninhabitable for the spiders.

Get Cleaning Done Regularly
Spider-like to hide mostly at dirty places. So, one of the most excellent ways to avoid this is by maintaining a neat and clean house through regular cleansing, de-cluttering, and tidying. Go for a plastic storage container instead of cardboard boxes because they are more difficult for the spiders to crawl in. Also, ensure to vacuum and dust regularly to remove the unwanted webs from your house.

Get A Cat
This four-legged friend is a skilled hunter and can take complete care of the spiders that crawl on the furniture or around the floor. It is another best way to eliminate spiders without using chemicals.

Remove Plants
Spiders love to hide in plants, stones, and leaves. So, remove them from your house’s entrance proximity so that they don’t get their preferred places to hide. Spiders aren’t the bravest. They generally, hide, trap, and consume their prey. So, remove the vegetation near the windows and doors of your house to make sure that they do not get access to your house’s interior.

Garlic is known for its excellent vampire-repelling properties. Spiders do not like the odor of this bulb. Based on how strong the smell of garlic you can cope with yourself, you can either place the whole clove or a crushed one in a spray bottle along with water and spray the solution to the corners, skirting boards and floors of rooms prone to getting these unwanted guests.

Cinnamon is ideal for keeping the spiders away. Get a cinnamon candle and burn it to get rid of the spiders. The spiders in your house will be packed within no time at all.

Tried-And-Tested Spider Control Methods
While simple home remedies are a safe option to get rid of spiders, in case of a spider infestation, you will have to use some tried and tested professional methods. Below are some of them:

Vacuum: Vacuuming your house regularly can pull all the spiders and their webs in the vacuum bags. It is an efficient way of minimizing spiders’ presence in your home with regular cleaning. It also assists in web prevention to keep spiders away.

Herbal Insecticide: Insecticides are generally a kind of pesticide that helps kill all insects and bugs, including spiders. In turn, this stops them from coming into your house. Though non-herbal ones work better, herbal insecticides are good for human health.

Exterminator: In some situations, it is good to take help from pest control Melbourne professionals. If you have a mass spider infestation, it may be the right time to contact the exterminators to find and kill these creepers in your home.

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