Why Study MBBS in China

Why Study MBBS in China

Being an aspiring medical student, one comes to a junction in life where he needs to choose a path - A medical university and a destination country where this medical university is located. Now, this medical university may be located in his own home country or abroad. Today when studying abroad has become much easier than ever, a Medic is presented with numerous options for continuing his education abroad, China stands as a contender to accept international students willing to study medicine as well. Among so many options, a medic may wonder Why Study MBBS in China? To be honest, there are more than a dozen reasons why one should opt for China as a destination to study MBBS, a few of which are given below:

The last thing an aspiring medical student would want to do is to opt for a university not accredited by world bodies like WDOMS, WCAME, FAIMER, or ECFMG. China being a country home to dozens of medical universities enjoys the liberty of having most of its universities accepting international students to study MBBS, accredited by these organizations. This thus results in students having graduated from the accredited universities to go on to work as professional doctors in different countries across the globe after passing the license exam of that country, for instance, HPCSA, USMLE, PLAB, NLE from PMC, etc.

This brings us to the second biggest concern of international students, Affordability! Luckily, most of the Chinese Universities offering MBBS programs to international students have yearly tuition fees ranging between RMB 18,000-20,000, thus making these Universities extremely attractive. The cost of living in China is not on the higher end either compared to other countries like the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. Affordable tuition fees coupled with affordable living makes China the biggest market to attract students willing to study MBBS abroad.

Next on the agenda of an international student should be security. To be honest, China is one of the safest countries for international students on Earth. For starters, carrying arms in China is a crime that I think plays the biggest role in reducing security risks. Moreover, the Chinese nation is a peace-loving nation and they avoid creating hurdles for foreigners. Instead, they are very helpful and welcoming to foreigners.

Standard of education
China has been the biggest contributor to research and scientific publications since 2016. In terms of the quality of research papers, China is only second to the US currently. The Chinese government and the Chinese Universities pay special heed towards the quality of education, which can be seen by the fact that today there are around 100 national centers of clinical research in China. Other than this, China today has turned into a prolific producer of clinical guidelines. The Universities are equipped with well-equipped labs and cutting-edge technologies.

Travel, culture, history, and language
Apart from MBBS studies, international students can take this opportunity to travel around China during their vacations as well. China is blessed with both natural and man-made beauty. The Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, the Dali Pagodas, the Forbidden City, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and the Giant Pandas in Sichuan are just a few examples of things that shouldn't be missed out. China boasts a written history dating back to 2.700 B.C, which makes it one of the oldest civilizations known to man. Inventions like the compass, printing, paper, and gunpowder are just a few of the many significant contributions of China to mankind over the centuries. The Silk Road is one of the historical trade routes of the world which originated from Xi'an, whose length was around 6,400 km. Moving on to the Chinese language, it is the oldest written language with at least 6,000 years of history.

Internship at hospitals
With Chinese projected healthcare spending in 2050 expected to exceed Germany's entire 2020 GDP, it can be well imagined the emphasis the government has paid on the healthcare sector. This obviously has led to the modernization of hospitals, equipping them with the latest technologies and machinery. International students also get an opportunity to do their rotations at hospitals during their studies which helps them get the first-hand experience of taking down patient's histories and checking them in presence of their professors. Apart from rotations, in the 6th year of MBBS, the international students are also presented with an opportunity of doing their internship at the affiliated hospital of the University, which is an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of diseases, prognosis, diagnosis, and methodologies of treatment.

International exposure
Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, an international environment helps groom students studying their MBBS in China as well. With classes made up of people of almost every color and creed, one gets an opportunity to learn about different cultures, societies, norms, habits, and ways of thinking, thus helping one broaden his horizons.

Going through the reasons to choose China as a destination for studying MBBS by the international students mentioned above, it can be easily concluded that China stands out among other destinations offering MBBS. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons which help a student choose China as a destination like quality transport, wonderful infrastructure, business opportunities, etc. Students having completed their High School (Intermediate, A-Level, or F. Sc) are encouraged to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor by choosing a University in China to pursue MBBS which best suits them with the help of Web Consultants!

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